Kybella Promises to Melt Away Chin Fat

If a double chin is a problem for you, there’s a popular nonsurgical treatment which FDA approved in the year 2015 – Kybella! With the help of this injection, the treatment dissolves the fat under your chin.

That’s great news since chin is so visible and people notice it right away. If you have a double chin, you can appear to have excess weight and look older than you are.

The cosmetic Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which is actually acid that the body produces naturally for the absorption of fat.

Kybella is effective, safe and…. convenient! You can do the procedure while on your lunch break.

Isn’t that something?

History of Kybella

Chemical fat-dissolving originates in France in 1950’s. European scientists started to use phosphatidylcholine to set apart fat. They did this for medical reasons.

For instance, when patient experiences fracture, it’s possible that little globs of fat enter the circulation. Often they can even enter lungs. The scientists have therefore tried to prevent that or similar by using phosphatidylcholine.

In 1980’s, cosmetic researchers have then thought to themselves: “Hm, if this compound can dissolve fat in the vessels, maybe it can do it somewhere else.”

Then, bodybuilders started to inject themselves with “PC/DA” (a compound of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid) to melt the fat when going to a competition.

In 2000’s, UCLA researchers found out that “PC/DA” was successful in doing away with fat because of deoxycholic acid which is now an active ingredient in Kybella.

What Happens

When a doctor injects Kybella into fat deposits, it destroys the membranes of the fat cells and they burst. Destroyed fat cells can’t store fat anymore, and the body itself flushes out the cells that remain.

So, yes, Kybella injections are effective to permanently remove fat from the chin. Great option to choose since it’s non-invasive and non-surgical, but does so much. An amazing alternative to surgery and liposuction.

Every patient is different, so the amount of injections needed also differs, but count on around 50. A shot takes about 5 minutes and then a doctor applies ice to the treated area. The treatment should be repeated two to four times. The procedure is very quick (from 15-30 minutes).

Who Is a Candidate?

Almost everyone is a candidate. Only patients who have too much accumulation of fat or whose skin is very sagging in the neck, should opt for surgery.

After the Treatment

After you have undergone Kybella treatments, 3 weeks afterward you will have around 60 % extra volume in the treated area. So, make sure you don’t schedule your appointment before an important event.

You will feel stinging and discomfort after the injection, but only for about 10 minutes. Apply ice pack or take pain medication. You can continue with your activities immediately after the procedure.

The results are visible somewhere between four to eight weeks.

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