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Juvederm Ultra Plus XC New Providence

Hyaluronic acid is the body’s innate volumizer, actively cushioning the cells and helping them to retain moisture. As we age, this substance gets gradually depleted, leaving our skin flat, sagging, and wrinkled.

With hyaluronic acid as its main ingredient, Juvederm acts as a brilliant catalyst for lifting, hydrating and revitalizing the face. The result is stunning, and can take years off of your appearance.

We offer a wide array of Juvederm products, including Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC. This variety and versatility makes Juvederm one of the most popular and effective dermal fillers on the market today.


I do recommend this office to everyone! Very nice and professional staff!! I got treatment from Sierra. She is the best! Explained everything before the procedure and answered to all my questions.Thanks to her I saved money ,because she suggested me to do different procedure , than I was requesting, much cheaper one.

And Dr. C is the best doctor ever! Very caring and attentive!! Makes you feel like you are the most important person/patient ever :))

The results are beyond an expectation.

Thank you Dr.C !!! -Anonymous


Juvederm can be used to correct the following:

Frown lines between the eyebrows, also called glabellar folds
Nasolabial folds and marionette lines
Crow’s feet
Forehead folds and creases
Lip contours and symmetry
General facial contours
Certain types of scars

Benefits of Juvederm include…

FDA-approved, safe and effective
Little to no downtime, minimal discomfort
Minimally invasive, non-surgical
High percentage of patient satisfaction
Stimulates the body’s depleted collagen reserves
Excellent for treating acne craters and pits
Immediate results

Who is an ideal candidate for Juvederm?

Suffers from mild to moderate facial wrinkling
Suffers from sunken facial scars
Suffers from thin or asymmetrical lip contours

What to expect from Juvederm treatment

This is performed using an ultra fine needle that you will hardly feel at all. The injection takes just seconds, this will target the deep layers of your skin to eradicate wrinkles, fine lines, folds, furrows and creases.

The entire procedure typically takes about 30 minutes.

After your treatment

Most clients feel Juvederm treatment is relatively pain-free. Any swelling, redness, tingling or numbness will subside quickly, usually within a matter of hours. A cold compress is a great way to relieve discomfort during and after treatment.

How do I get started with Juvederm?

The first step is to set up a consultation. There we will discuss the treatment in depth with you so that you might make an informed and well-considered decision about moving forward. We will examine your skin, review prior cosmetic procedures, and formulate a unique and customized plan to combat your areas of concern. Our goal is for you to leave feeling and looking great!. This is our approach to the DRC360 gold circle of care!