IV Therapy for Seasonal Allergies

Anyone with allergies can attest to the sheer misery of an allergy to dust, mold, or pollen. The sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and runny nose can really put a damper on the joy of the world coming back to life when spring arrives.

Allergies can impact more than your enjoyment of spring, though. They can result in lost work days and reduced productivity in the workplace. When severe, they may even result in job loss.

Many people just grin and bear it. Others take antihistamines, or eat locally sourced honey to counteract the effects of area pollen. But now there’s a new and highly effective way to get immediate relief from allergy symptoms – IV therapy.

What causes allergies?

Allergens are the active agents which cause symptoms. When in contact with allergens, your system notes their presence by exhibiting symptoms like those talked about above.

Your body’s reactions are similar to what happens when an infection is trying to establish itself – your immunologic system kicks in and histamines are released. These are what cause inflammation in the sinuses and respiratory system.

Muscles in your respiratory system may go into spasm, as they become increasingly inflamed as the flowers bloom.

Pretty as they are, you’re miserable.

The IV solution.

Because IV therapy goes directly into your bloodstream, its effects are instantaneous and endure for about two weeks per treatment. By infusing your system with antihistamines which are intravenously delivered, there’s no waiting for them to work.

But IV therapy acknowledges the role of adequate hydration in combatting allergies, so the antihistamines administered are blended with an electrolyte solution to boost hydration.

A lot of the misery caused by allergies is addressing the symptoms by blowing the nose and rubbing the eyes. That’s your body’s natural response to the unwelcome allergens, but it calls for hydration.

Hydration also assists the body’s natural function of flushing allergens out of the system.

In addition, anti-inflammatories are administered to address inflammation in the respiratory system and nasal passages, in its response to allergens.

Other helpful ingredients.

Magnesium hastens the healing effects of hydration and relaxes affected muscles. By relaxing the air passages, this natural electrolyte eases symptoms like coughing and wheezing.

Vitamin C doesn’t just help you avoid colds. It can reduce the presence of allergens in the system by up to 40%. Together with B vitamins in varying formulations and types, the addition of vitamin content to your IV therapy solution can be customized to best address your individual symptoms.

Revolutionary IV therapy is bringing relief to many allergy sufferers, who’ve struggled through the season of sneezing and itchy, runny eyes for most of their lives. It’s effective, rapid and long lasting.


At [primary_practice], we practice the gold circle of care, extending primary care services to our patients. And because we know that looking good is feeling good, we add aesthetic services. IV therapy is just one of the many treatment models in play at our facility.

If you’ve suffered with allergies long enough, come in for a consultation to find out more about IV therapy.