IV Ozone Therapy: An Injection of Oxygen

What is IV Ozone Therapy?

IV Ozone Therapy is the practice of adding Ozone, oxygenated gas into the bloodstream to stimulate the body's immune system and healing processes. Uses include treatment of acute disease or wounding. However, there is a budding practice using IV Ozone Therapy in wellness, anti-aging, and preventative care with growing success due to its many healing properties.

How is IV Ozone Therapy used in wellness and anti-aging?

The same healing processes in the body sparked by Ozone can reverse the clock, helping boost the immune system, benefit stem cells, protect the body from viruses and bacteria, and promote many internal healing processes.

Ozone is used in clients seeking a high quality of wellness, to fight sickness, and those who want to prevent future illness.

Let's start by discussing the benefits patients see with the usage of IV Ozone Therapy.

Benefits of IV Ozone Therapy

Oxygenation of the cells

Death of tissue occurs when the body does not provide them enough access to oxygen for whatever reason. This disorder is known as Hypoxia, which can occur, for example, in the lungs of a patient having an asthma attack.

Ozone IV Therapy is thought to help with tumors alongside chemo and radiotherapies because it provides the body with readily available oxygen.

Improves the immune system

Increased oxygen levels in the blood reduce stress on the lungs in the case of breathing disorders. Ozone therapy is designed to strengthen the immune system to fight off infections and reduce inflammation caused by conditions like asthma.

Antibacterial and antiviral properties

Over time, bacteria and viruses can mutate, becoming more resistant to medicines and vaccines meant to fight and guard against them.

Ozone contains a layer of infection control properties and resolves certain acute bacterial infections. This means Ozone can be effective in treating and preventing certain viruses and bacterial infections.

Detoxing Properties

Toxins that we come into contact with day-by-day can cause adverse effects on the human body.

Ozone treatments are shown to boost metabolism and increase overall health.

Pain relief

Ozone's anti-inflammatory properties help it provide relief to those suffering from chronic pain issues like back pain.

Stem cell repair

Human stem cells produce other cells that function throughout the body for various purposes. They provide aid and base functionality to organs like the heart, brain, and nervous system.

Ozone is shown to improve the cells' abilities to reactivate, leading to quicker ad high-quality repair for damaged cells.

Better skin

Ozone has been used in recent years to improve the quality of the skin. It works by making oxygen readily available to the cells, including skin cells, which need oxygen to function correctly.

Increased oxygen super-charges the recovery and repair abilities of the cells. Antioxidant properties help increase collagen and elastin, providing a more youthful bounce to the skin.

Is it FDA approved? Has there been research?

Though Ozone is just beginning to come into its own in the wellness and functional medicine space, it has been in use for longer than the FDA has been in existence, making it "grandfathered in" to usage by professionals who choose to administer it to patients.

The FDA has not done rigorous training on Ozone and has not given it a seal of official approval at this time. Still, many peer-reviewed medical journals have been published to date, and usage of IV Ozone Therapy is widespread in the wellness world.

Ozone therapy in Central New Jersey

Ozone therapy assists payments at several points in their wellness and anti-aging journey. Whether you seek it as a form of recovery or simply overall health, Ozone can bolster the immune system and help with long-lasting recovery.

Ozone therapy is becoming a standard treatment alternative to pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine for treating chronic diseases, pain, and other health issues.

Before choosing that you want Ozone IV Therapy, please consult with us in New Jersey or a local doctor who has experience with Ozone Therapy.

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