IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapy – Hangover Recovery

Hangovers. They happen. We may have spent a wild week in Vegas, leaving a trail of secrets never to be revealed. We may have been to our sister’s wedding and been enticed by a certain, notorious uncle to overindulge.

Whatever the sad tale is, IV hydration and vitamin therapy is a new form of hangover recovery we wish the hapless Wolf Pack had known about.

Of course, then there might never have been the infamous Hangover films.

The days of dragging yourself out the door the day after the night before are over. No more will the over-indulgers of the nation be condemned to a day of feeling horrible, as their heads throb under the fluorescents.

These days, there’s IV hydration and vitamin therapy to open your eyes, wide and bright.

Nothing unnatural about it.

Most people who experience hangovers have favorite solutions to the roiling stomach, thundering headache and fatigue associated with this unfortunate state. They slam back a coca-cola with a couple of aspirins. They eat a greasy burger for breakfast. Anything to make it stop.

But those aren’t healthy ways of dealing with the problem. IV hydration and vitamin therapy is a much better idea.

Western medicine has relied on intravenous delivery of various agents for a long time. Whatever’s being administered arrives in the bloodstream directly, bypassing the need for absorption by the body.

Now imagine an IV filled with needed electrolytes and a cocktail of vitamins that return you to the land of the living and keep you feeling at the top of your game long after the hangover’s gone.

When you overdo it.

Feeling lousy is only the most obvious consequence of overindulgence in adult beverages. Your body loses important nutrients, due to the dehydration it endures when excessive alcohol has been consumed.

That happens when vasopressin, the hormone in the brain which signals your body to absorb moisture, is suppressed by the effects of alcohol.

No wonder you feel so awful after a big night out! But that can be remedied with [primary_practice]’s After Party IV drip.

After Party.

After Party immediately infuses your system with lost nutrients like calcium, magnesium and potassium. While hydrating you and supplying you with essential electrolytes, After Party IV also helps you flush toxins from your body.

Excessive alcohol consumption impacts your liver function and creates acid in the stomach. After Party IV relieves the symptoms caused by these physical realities, replacing them with a sense of wellbeing and the ability to carry on with your day.

Feel ready for life.

In the Hangover film franchise, the Wolf Pack deals with the consequences of their previous night’s activities in greatly diminished and weakened condition. But you needn’t walk that rocky road, with [primary_practice]’s After Party IV drip.

You can face the day bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on whatever the world throws at you. Sadder but wiser, you’ll feel ready for life, with the After Party IV giving your self-abused body what it craves.

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