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IPL Photofacial New Providence

DRC360 offers the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) photofacial skin rejuvenation to effectively treat brown spots, rosacea, broken capillaries and sun damage.

What can IPL photofacial skin rejuvenation treat?

Beautiful skin can be yours in just a few treatments. DRC360 can effectively lighten brown spots, reduce redness, improve rosacea, even out texture and brighten skin tone with IPL.


Excellent IP Photofacial with Tara. She was awesome and I’ll definitely be going back! -Christina D.



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How does IPL photofacial work?

IPL is Proven to give the most effective, safest and comfortable skin rejuvenating results, this technology uses a unique combination of Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Broad Spectrum Pulsed Light energies to treat the targeted area while leaving the surrounding skin free from potentially harmful side effects.

Is there any downtime with the IPL photofacial treatment?

There is minimal if any downtime associated with the IPL photofacial treatment. Any associated redness should resolve quickly. Some brown spots will get temporarily darker and fall off revealing lighter more even skin tone within one week. You can apply makeup right away and resume normal activity.

How many IPL treatments do I need?

After just one treatment you will notice the redness and capillaries improve and any freckles or brown spots get lighter. For optimal results for most patients we recommend a series of treatments spaced three to four weeks apart.

At DRC360, our goal is to make our patients as comfortable as possible during the treatment. We use a cooling roller on the skin during the treatment.


*Results May Vary