Join us for Halloween with DRC 360

Mark your calendars! DRC 360 is throwing a very special Halloween Event, showcasing the groundbreaking combination of Emsculpt NEO and QWO cellulite injections.

We will be serving food, drinks, and wearing costumes is optional. There will be raffles and prizes for those who attend. Special event pricing and a free 5-minute demo of Emsculpt NEO will also be available to guests!

Space is very limited and beginning to run out! Visit our event page to reserve your spot today.

Featuring Emsculpt NEO and QWO Cellulite Injections

Emsculpt NEO is the first and ONLY non-invasive body-shaping procedure that combines 2 energies for simultaneous fat elimination, muscle building, and skin tightening, all in a 30-minute session!

QWO is a brand-new injectable treatment for cellulite that shows amazing results without the need for any kind of surgery, pain, recovery, or downtime at all! QWO is the first-ever FDA-approved treatment for modern to severe cellulite that comes in injectable form and that’s what makes it so innovative and exciting to talk about.

Join Us 4 PM - 8 PM Food | Drinks | Costumes | Prizes
Exclusive Customized Special Event Pricing
Amazing FREE Raffles 45 Units of Botox Diamond Glow Facial Skincare Basket
RSVP today as space is limited and being booked! We can't wait to see you!