Getting Botox for Lunch

Why settle for a sandwich, when you can get Botox for lunch?  No.  We’re not kidding!  All things are possible with [primary_practice].

We know you’re busy and we know that you may believe there aren’t enough hours in a day to set aside time for the Botox treatments you’d like to have.  But with our conveniently located medical aesthetics and primary care facility, you can carve out the time required.

This minimally-invasive injectable is the fast-track to the rejuvenated look you’ve been thinking about trying on for size.  Botox can also help you prevent the signs of time on your face.  Because it reduces the movement of facial muscles, fine lines and wrinkles are stopped in their tracks, with Botox.

And you can benefit from this proven anti-aging treatment on your lunch hour!

Professional treatment.

At [primary_practice], we practice the gold circle of care.  Our primary care services are married to value-added aesthetics care, creating a 360° source of professional medical support that keeps you at your very best – ready for whatever life throws at you!

Every member of staff is a professional who has your wellbeing in mind.  Here, we take care of your overall health, but we also help you feel even better by offering on-demand medical cosmetic services.

We know that when you look great, you feel great.  Health is a holistic state which takes in body, mind and spirit, so we offer care that acknowledges your entire person.

You’re special, so we’ve created this unique facility to make sure you know you are.

Botox for lunch?

Sure, it sounds a little crazy, but it’s within reach, at [primary_practice].  Because we’re professionals, you’ll get the look you’re going for.  We’re carefully and thoroughly trained to administer Botox therapy.

Frown lines are probably the most frequently addressed sign of aging and stress twe treat here.  And you can smooth them out with Botox.  While results may take from 72 hours to 7 days to become noticeable, you’ll be in and out before you know it.

The needles used in Botox therapy are as fine as acupuncture needles (ultra-fine).  Most patients feel an initial, minimal prick.  Some feel a slight stinging sensation, but this is transitory.  Botox injections are a reliable, FDA-approved way to achieve a fresher, more rested look.

Frozen?  Not with us.

Many of you reading may have considered Botox in the past,  but discounted the therapy as an anti-aging strategy because of the more egregious examples you’ve seen of poorly-administered Botox.  You won’t have that problem at [primary_practice].

We’re a medical facility with an aesthetics service.  These two purposes of our clinic work together.  Medically-informed and highly-trained, our therapists and technicians are carefully selected for their professionalism, knowledge and experience.

With [primary_practice], you say goodbye to lines, but you won’t get that “frozen” look.  That only occurs when techs haven’t been adequately trained.

The lunch break you deserve.

Getting Botox for lunch?  Why not?  You deserve to look and feel your best.  So, drop that sandwich!  Schedule now and receive 15% off your first appointment.