Get Smooth, Sexy Lips with JUVEDERM VOLBELLA®

No suite of injectable services would be complete without the very latest in lip-enhancement technology. Now, there’s JUVEDERM VOLBELLA®.

Many of our guests come to us dissatisfied with the appearance of their lips. Sometimes, it’s just genetics and people are seeking a fuller look for their lips. But sometimes, it’s about time – the corners of the mouth have taken a downturn, giving the appearance of a permanent scowl.

And that’s not the way most of us want to greet the world.

JUVEDERM VOLBELLA® can also address an indistinct cupid’s bow at the crest of the lips and the vertical lines which appear with time (especially for smokers).

Let’s find out how you can get smooth, sexy lips with JUVEDERM VOLBELLA®.

A revolution for your lips

Approved by the FDA in 2016, JUVEDERM VOLBELLA® is a revolution for your lips. Containing a unique formulation of low-concentration hyaluronic acid, this technology offers reduced recovery time and discomfort.

The low concentration of HA employed by the JUVEDERM VOLBELLA® formulation results in a silky smooth gel which is highly effective for improving the appearance of the lips and lasts longer than other lip-enhancing injectables.

There’s a tremendous difference between this treatment and other injectables for the lips because of the low concentration of HA and the consistency of the product. Because this product absorbs less moisture from the lip area, you avoid that “trout pout” classically associated with lip injectables.

Nobody needs the trout pout!

Results are subtle with none of the unfortunate protrusion associated with traditional injectables. Your lips will feel smooth, sexy and natural with JUVEDERM VOLBELLA®.

Get smooth, sexy lips

The natural results you’ll enjoy with this therapy are lauded by those who’ve witnessed how effective this product is. And what’s truly amazing is that results last for up to a year. That’s a major step forward for lip injectables, which usually last for only 3 months.

There’s none of the bruising or swelling associated with most lip injectables, either. As we said, this is a revolution for your lips, offering you the smooth, sexy look you’ve always wanted, without anyone knowing why you look so fabulous.

No trout pout. No swelling or bruising. JUVEDERM VOLBELLA® just gets your lips where you want them to be – looking plump, soft, smooth and sexy.

Whether you want your lips to be fuller, eliminate vertical lines around them, enhance your cupid’s bow or restore that youthful lift at the corners of your mouth you’ve been missing, JUVEDERM VOLBELLA® delivers, with long lasting results you’ll love.

Pucker up!

At [primary_practice], we offer a full suite of injectable services, including JUVEDERM VOLBELLA® and its natural, subtle results.

Our clinic is dedicated to the total well-being of our guests, from primary care services to anti-aging medicine, to a full menu of aesthetic services on the leading edge of today’s most advanced treatments.

If you’re ready to set your lips to “smoking hot”, then you’re ready for JUVEDERM VOLBELLA®. Get the soft, full, sexy lips you’ve always dreamed of, at [primary_practice]. Contact us for a consultation.