How to Get Smooth Legs For 2018

Every woman knows that hair removal can be an enormous chore.

If you shave (which many women continue to do), you know how irritating it is when the stubble starts pushing back up after only a day or two.  Women who sugar certainly have the patience of elephants, as it’s a time-consuming pursuit.  Waxing is a big “ouch”, and chemical products smell nasty and harm the environment.

So, what’s a woman to do with that leg hair?

Laser hair removal.

Of all the beauty technologies and treatments dedicated to hair removal, laser hair removal is (by far) the most effective.  While the initial phase of the treatment may take a little time and preparation, it’s how to get smooth legs for 2018.

Now is the ideal time to be thinking about starting your treatments.  When the weather’s cool, you’re under wraps.  That’s perfect, because sun exposure can be harmful while you’re having your sessions.  Any errant growth can wait to be addressed, as your legs are safely concealed under trousers or tights.

But, doesn’t it hurt?

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around out there about laser hair removal.   One of them is that it hurts.

While there’s some minor discomfort associated with the new generation laser hair removal technologies, most of our patients at [primary_practice] don’t even require the topical anesthetic we offer them.

We also offer our patients cooling devices which maintain their comfort, as requested.

Fast and effective.

Because of advances in laser hair removal technology, it’s faster than ever.  Nowadays, areas like the legs can take as little as 20 minutes and overall, the time required to achieve the desired result has been reduced by 75%.

At [primary_practice], we use the Palomar Icon laser, the most advanced laser hair technology available.  Perfected since its introduction in 1998, this is the gold standard of laser hair removal.

It’s important to note here that laser hair removal is a permanent reduction in hair growth, due to the elimination of the follicle.  That’s the root of the hair, under the skin.

Less hair means less maintenance and once the follicle’s been removed, there’s less hair to think about.

Times have changed.

People can sometimes make up their minds about something and then – forget all about it.  In the case of laser hair removal, some have been influenced by tales of pain and unsuccessful treatments.  But times have changed.

Laser hair removal is faster and more effective than ever and with the Palomar technology used here at [primary_practice], discomfort is minimal.

Get smooth for 2018.

[primary_practice]’s advanced laser hair removal solutions are how to get smooth legs for 2018.  With new generation technology in place, you’ll get smooth with a much smaller investment of time than you might have made only 10 years ago.

That’s good news for women looking to get smooth for the warm days that inevitably follow winter.  When the tights and trousers come off and you’re enjoying the balmy days, you’ll be as smooth as silk.

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