Get rid of varicose veins with the mimally-invasive solution – sclerotherapy

Varicose veins are no fun at all. Some people spend their lives struggling with them and experimenting with ways to cover them up. In the USA alone, more than 40 million people of both sexes suffer from this health challenge.

While for many, varicose veins present nothing more serious than a cosmetic problem, for others they can signal serious circulatory issues. Generally caused by prolonged standing, they can also be painful.

Treatment for varicose veins can be a long and painful process when surgical removal is pursued. But there’s an effective, minimally-invasive treatment alternative that’s being discovered by many people who suffer from varicose veins. Let’s find out what’s involved.

An injection, instead of surgery.

Compared to the surgical option for varicose veins, sclerotherapy is a simple procedure, involving the injection (usually, of saline solution) into affected veins. In use since the 1930s, it’s a safe, proven therapy that has seen excellent results.

A very fine needle is employed in the treatment. Patients may experience some cramping for up to a half hour following the injection and are asked not to engage in any activity that might tax their cardiovascular system for several days following.

Depending on your health status, several veins may be addressed during one session.

Are you a candidate for sclerotherapy?

All patients interested in this therapy will attend a consultation to determine their candidacy for it, based on their overall health. Pregnant women may not undergo sclerotherapy.

Those who’ve experienced blood clots in the past may not be eligible, but your caregiver will determine that, based on other factors like your health history and status.

Potential side effects and recovery.

While not all patients experience these, it’s crucial to understand that some side effects may follow treatment. These include mild itching that persists for a day or two and irritation at the site of the injection, which should resolve within several days.

Other side effects, like lumpiness in the treated veins, disappear permanently within several months.

Patients will wear medical grade compression hose. They’re are also asked to avoid hot baths, saunas, whirlpools and sun exposure for 48 hours following sclerotherapy. Anti-inflammatory medications should also be avoided, but Tylenol should have no effect on recovery.

Sclerotherapy at Dcr360.

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