Fractora Laser Treatments in New Jersey

Fractora is here and it offers a whole new approach to aesthetic treatments. Able to deliver striking results for more than one aesthetic goal, Fractora is applicable to a wide range of issues.

Where other, similar therapies may be ideal for one or two concerns, Fractora covers a wide spectrum of issues. Instead of calling on a range of techniques, our guests at [primary_practice] can now benefit from Fractora’s versatility.

From acne to spot reduction.

Fractora laser technology works by applying the heat generated by lasers to multiple layers of skin. This effect is combined with micro-needling to offer a completely new way of treating the signs of aging and stress, acne and other scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation or difficult to budge pockets of fat.

That’s a lot of ground for one therapy to cover, but Fractora does it effectively and without surgery.

Thermal heat from energy generated by radiofrequency is delivered by this versatile therapeutic platform. Fractora is highly customizable to individual need, performing a variety of functions. By encouraging collagen production and stimulating the skin to tighten it, Fractora provides patients with the ultimate aesthetic tool.

How it works.

We’ve talked about radiofrequency technology and collagen stimulation, but the handheld device itself is what makes Fractora so special.

Tiny pins in the functional end of the device transmit heat under the dermis, directly provoking the production of collagen. This is what gives your skin its elasticity and glow. As we age, we lose collagen, so modern aesthetic technologies have arrived at stimulation as a proven way to improve your skin’s appearance.

The energy from radiofrequency removes the top layer of skin, so that fresh, new skin is revealed. The effect of enhanced collagen combined with the ablation of the dermis’s superficial layer are responsible for superlative results.

Does it hurt?

The mild discomfort patients experience during Fractora therapy is drastically reduced by the application of a numbing gel immediately before the session begins.

This makes Fractora a uniquely painless treatment and far desirable to resorting to surgery. There’s little to no downtime required with Fractora and the striking results are visible in only two weeks.

Safe for all skin types.

All shades and types of skin can benefit from Fractora, because this FDA-approved treatment causes no discoloration or changes in pigment in areas treated.

Fractora helps to even skin tone and can be used to address areas of hyperpigmentation, creating a more even appearance.

More effective than traditional methods used in skin resurfacing, the results you’ll enjoy with this exceptional treatment are phenomenal.


At [primary_practice], we’re proud to add Fractora to our suite of medical cosmetic services. This versatile, customizable therapeutic platform is making waves, because it renders superior results. We love surprising our patients with something new and Fractora has been a genuine pleasure to offer them.

Experience dramatic rejuvenation, an answer to scarring from acne, stretch markets, stubborn deposits of fat and hyperpigmentation, with this amazing entry to the aesthetics technology pantheon.

Contact us to schedule your first Fractora session and receive 15% off!