Forget About Big Lips – Millennials are Asking for This Instead

Kylie Jenner may be the beauty guru of the young, but most millennials don’t accept her claim, “the bigger the better”  when it comes to their lips.  Most millennials aren’t interested in enhancing their pouts.  That said, they most certainly are interested in dermal fillers.

But you may be surprised to learn what part of their faces they want to inject them into.

When you want it all.

As a demographic, the general impression most of us have of millennials is that of impatience.  This generation is, indeed, invested in rapid career advancement and early retirement.

While millennials are often unfairly characterized as “allergic to work”, it seems that the opposite is true.  This group is willing to put in the hours required to get what they want from their working lives.

And that, as most of us know, takes its toll.

Dark circles under the eyes are a universally acknowledged symptom of unbridled ambition and the stress that comes with it, so where are millennials asking that their dermal fillers be employed?

Under the eyes!

The high price of success.

Because this is the generation that wants it all, millennials don’t kid around.  They work hard.  They play hard and they insist on looking their best doing it.  More than previous generations, they seem to have an innate understanding of the concept that the better you look, the better chance you have of getting where you want to be.

They’re not shy about sourcing medical cosmetic options, especially if they’re going to keep them looking fresh, frisky and ready to win.

So, forget about big lips – millennials are asking for this instead – under-eye injections which restore lost subcutaneous fat.  Regardless of their youth, the millennial candle being burned at both ends can impart a look of chronic exhaustion.

That’s not good for business, so millennials are flocking to take advantage of injectables rich in hyaluronic acid, like Juvederm and Restylane.  These formulations are the best adapted to the job of improving the appearance of under-eye circles and bags.

The “try anything” generation.

With the millennial generation, there’s little in the way of a stigma attached to trying new things.  That’s particularly true of medical aesthetics.  They view these resources are valuable tools to use in the project of attaining superior careers and salaries.

This is the generation willing to try anything to be at the top of its game.  As major consumers of medical cosmetics, millennials have no qualms about telling you they’ve just been in to have under-eye injections.  They’ll even encourage you to try it yourself and direct you to a reputable facility, while they’re at it.


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