Fat Transfer Methods and What You Can Expect

There are several fat transfer methods out there today to take advantage of depending on the results you are looking for and how invasive a procedure you can tolerate. In this post, we go over some of the most popular fat transfer methods, many of which we offer at DrC360.

What is a fat transfer?

A fat transfer procedure (also commonly called a fat grafting or fat injection procedure) transfers fat from an area where there is too much to an area lacking volume. Fat transferred fills areas like the face, breasts, and buttocks with great results. Effectively, fat transfer procedures solve 2 issues at once for patients who desire body contouring and filler or augmentation of some kind.

Who is a good candidate for a fat transfer?

There can be great benefits, but not everyone is a good fit for a fat transfer procedure like Beautifill or a Brazilian Butt Lift. Number one, you need to have an area where fat is in excess. Otherwise, there will be nowhere to transfer from. You must have healthy blood flow throughout the body. These are the things you will talk to the doctor about if you sit with us for a consultation.

Here are some situations where a fat transfer can be recommended:

  • You are noticing creased and/or sunken areas of the face lacking volume.
  • You already use fillers but desire something with less need for refresh.
  • You want to change some contours of the body.
    • This can include enhancing the breast and buttocks' size and filling areas that lack volume, helping to bring symmetry to some part of the body where it is lacking.

Fat transfer, made better by BeautiFill™

Beautiflll™ is the first closed-loop laser fat transfer technology, meaning the fat can be removed, purified, and readied for re-injection without ever leaving the system or needing to move from one device to another. This is good for two reasons. It makes contamination of the removed fat nearly impossible, and it's easier for the doctor, making results come out better than with other methods.

The cannula is inserted into the area that needs fat reduction, using a laser to loosen the fat cells at their point of connection. This frees them to be harvested without causing damage. They are then purified in the Beautifill™ system, separated from the blood, oil, and tissue. Compared to manual methods, the improvement in the quality of the fat transferred is dramatic.


If you're a good fit for a fat transfer procedure, it is a good way to attain two appearance goals at once. You can reduce areas of excess fat and contour your body at once. Talk to a doctor to figure out if this is what you need to reach your goals. It isn't perfect for everyone, and a conversation will help you determine whether it's this or another procedure that is right for you.