Don’t Let ‘Granny Hands’ Happen to You

Turn Back The Hands Of Time

The appearance of your hands can prematurely age you. If you are experiencing shallowness, accentuated tendons, or fine lines and wrinkles, nonsurgical hand rejuvenation can restore the smooth, beautiful hands of your youth.

Individuals who may benefit from hand rejuvenation include those who are concerned about:

  • Age spots or other skin discoloration
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Wrinkling or fine lines on the skin
  • Sunken in or bony looking hands


There are several options of injectable materials that can be used to increase the volume of the hands. When hands age, the bones become more prominent, as the fat tissue is wasted away and the soft tissues thin.  Injectables alone or paired with PRP are used to used to plump the skin in the hands. This reduces the prominence of the bones as well as stimulates collagen, making the hands appear softer and younger.

Laser Treatment and Intense Pulsed Light for Brown Spots

When the skin has too much melanin (a naturally occurring pigment) in one area, it results in a brown patch on the skin. Brown spots (or age spots) are not limited to the face and neck. Oftentimes, brown spots develop over the skin of the hands, wrists and arms. Laser treatments and Intense Pulsed Light treatments are excellent options for greatly reducing or removing* these unwanted age spots.