BREAKING: Sculpsure Is Now Cleared by the FDA to Use On Double Chins

Body contouring enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear that SculpSure has just taken a quantum leap forward.

Approved for spot reduction on thighs and abdomen in 2015, SculpSure is now cleared by the FDA to use on double chins.  Following an intensive clinical trial, SculpSure received approval for use on the chin area at the end of September 2017.

The trial.

Involved in the trial were 57 people.  Each of the participants received two treatments, 6 weeks apart.  Dr. Lawrence Bass was one of the principals involved in directing the trial.  This board-certified plastic surgeon was enthusiastic about the results, saying, “SculpSure is the treatment of choice for the submental area”.

Dr. Bass pointed out that there was a 100% satisfaction rate among participants, who saw incredible spot reduction results from only two treatments.  Participants were also deeply impressed by the brief duration of SculpSure treatments, which last only 25 minutes.

How it works.

This completely non-invasive treatment uses the heat of lasers to eliminate fat cells.  Wands are run over the skin, so the lasers can address subcutaneous (under the skin) fat.

During treatment, guest comfort levels are closely monitored and the surface of the skin is kept cool through the use of cooling plates, specially designed for this purpose.

Following treatment, guests can go about their daily activities, as there’s no recovery time or pain involved.  Over the next six weeks, recipients of SculpSure see dramatic change in the treated area or areas, resulting in visible fat reduction.

Because the heat of the lasers acts to kill the fat cells, but doesn’t affect surrounding tissue, this is fat which doesn’t return.  Once the cell is gone, so is the fat – for good.

More inclusive.

In the past, SculpSure and other body contouring treatments have only been available for people with a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or under.  With the new FDA approval, though, SculpSure is now the most inclusive spot reduction technique on the market, available to people with up to a 43 BMI.

For the time being, this is only true of double chin reduction.  For all other areas of the body, the 30 BMI rule continues to apply.

Minimal risk.

At [primary_practice], we’re fans of SculpSure, due its brief treatment duration, superior spot reduction results and non-invasive action.

The therapy carries with it minimal risk.  While we always advise our guests of any side effects prior to proceeding with treatment, SculpSure may sometimes cause minor discomfort.  Its side effects may include stinging and bruising, which resolve rapidly following treatment.


As our name suggests, [primary_practice] offers our guests 360° care, from medical cosmetic therapies, to primary healthcare, to a doctor-directed line of medical grade skincare products.

We’re proud proponents of SculpSure and welcome this new FDA approval and the broader scope of its treatment parameters, in terms of BMI.

Contact us to schedule a consultation about body contouring.  Our professionally-trained technicians would love to meet with you to discuss SculpSure.