Botox Versus Dysport – Which Is Better For Wrinkles?

The undisputed granddaddy of all injectables is, of course, Botox.  We’ve all heard of it and many of you reading will have direct experience of it.

Introduced 20 years ago, Botox didn’t have much in the way of competition until 2009, when Dysport came long.  Formerly known as Reloxin, Dysport is produced by the company which brings us Restylane.

While they have a lot in common (both being derived from botulinum A), they’re different in some key respects, which we’ll review here.  We may not be able to put to rest the “Botox versus Dysport – which is better for wrinkles” debate (at least on this blog), but you’ll certainly know more, once you’ve read this.

How they’re similar

As noted above, both injectables are derived from the same agent, so both have the effect of limiting the range of motion in facial muscles.  A key difference, chemically, is that Dysport molecules are smaller than Botox molecules.

Both have an enviable record for safety, after many years on the market.  Dysport may have only been available in the USA recently, but it was used in Europe for many years prior.

The effects of Botox and Dysport last for 3 – 6 months and while Dysport may have a slightly lower price point, it’s quite comparable in that respect to Botox.

How they differ

While both injectables have been seen to deliver similar results, Dysport may lose ground to Botox in terms of duration of results, but the jury’s still out on that one.

Dysport beats Botox to the “visibility” punch, with noticeable results showing up in 2-4 days, against Botox’s 4-7.  While that may not matter to some, others will like the rapid result Dysport offers.

Dysport diffuses to a wider area.  That can be an advantage in some zones of the face.  In others, it can work against you.

We mentioned the smaller molecules in the Dysport formulation.  This may account for the still-debated assertion that you need more of this injectable to get the same results you might with Botox.  Again, the jury’s still out.

A market flooded with choices

As this post is being written, the FDA has several competitors to the two subjects under discussion seeking approval, so the market is about be even more flooded with choices.

Botox continues to have a decided edge over Dysport, in terms of popularity.  In the market for years, it’s a recognized brand that most people are familiar with and that’s always an edge for most consumers.

Your tech is the key

Because these two products are so similar, the real deciding factor is the level of expertise offered by your technician.  This is the single most important factor when pursuing the cosmetic benefits of injectables.

An experienced, professionally trained technician is key to successful cosmetic procedures of any kind.  At [primary_practice], we’re professionals working in a medical facility which also provides primary care.  You receive top tier care with our techs.

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