When Is the Best Time for Botox – Winter or Spring?

You’d be surprised how many people ask us this question when they come in for a consultation.  Mind you, if you’re reading this, you’re wondering too.

And in all honesty, Botox yields the same results regardless of what time of year the treatment is administered.  We see people year ‘round for this therapy and they’re always more than pleased with the results.  That’s because our technicians are professionally trained and highly skilled, so you’ll get the natural enhancement you’re looking for.

All that said, what matters to us at [primary_practice] is what matters to you.  What’s important to you, personally?  During what season do you feel it’s most advantageous for you to look refreshed and vital?

When is the best time for Botox – winter or spring, is a question only you can answer, largely dependent on what you want to achieve with Botox injections.  But here are some of our thoughts.

The case for spring Botox.

As the flowers push up through the ground, their blossoms unfold in the light of the sun.  And the sun is a good reason to start thinking about Botox in the spring.

The sun is bright and that makes people squint.  Squinting can produce fine lines.  With Botox, you can not only improve the appearance of those lines, you can stop them from forming.

Because Botox acts to limit the range of motion in your facial muscles, the lines don’t have a chance to get started.  You’ve headed them off at the pass by proactively deploying Botox.

While others are squinting in the sun, you’ll be enjoying it, squint-free (knowing that you’re preventing lines).  But don’t get smug.  Wearing UV-treated sunglasses protects your eyes, too, so put them on when the sun returns.

The case for winter Botox.

Winter is the time to celebrate the coming year and seasonal festive occasions with friends, family and co-workers.  Planning ahead for the season by setting yourself to “dazzle” with Botox, helps you make the most of this cherished time of warmth and fun.

The question on everyone’s lips when they see you will be, “Were you on vacation?”  You’ll appear refreshed and rested.   And no one will ever guess why.  It’ll be our little secret.

And back to spring – skiers know the sun can be blinding on the snow-swaddled slopes.  Botox stops the squint, so while you’ll out there conquering the mighty mountain, you won’t be encouraging the formation of fine lines.

And you’ll be wearing the same UV-blocking sunglasses you were wearing in spring.

In truth, any time of year is a good time for Botox.  This popular injectable has been around long enough to have developed a loyal following and it’s winning new fans every day.  But you and what matters to you determines when the best time is to get it.

Schedule your Botox treatments at any time of year and look as fresh as a spring flower – or winter powder.

[primary_practice] invites you to schedule a consultation to find out more about Botox.