Benefits of Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing

Both laser hair removal and waxing have their proponents (and detractors).  When someone is devoted to doing something a certain way, it’s not easy to convince them that it’s not the best way of doing it.

That said, we wanted to offer some thoughts on the benefits of laser hair removal vs. waxing, for those who have heard praise for both and still aren’t sure which is best for them.

Hair removal is a highly personal affair.  People get attached all the methodologies you can think of, from shaving to sugaring.  Let’s do a side-by-side and see what shakes out!


Waxing removes hair by applying wax which has been warmed to the point of being almost liquid.  It’s then left to set and the hair it’s applied to becomes enmeshed with the wax.  When the solution has set, it’s pulled off, taking the hair with it.

While a little “ouchy” waxing can last for up to 2 weeks before re-growth occurs.  An advantage of waxing is that it’s readily available wherever you go and can even be performed at home.  A disadvantage is the frequency with which it needs to be performed and the undeniable mess it makes, if you’re going DYI.

And with waxing, hair will grow in softer and finer than it was before.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal employs laser technology to get beneath the surface of the skin, targeting the pigment in the hair follicle.  The follicle is disabled, so hair can’t grow out of it.

With laser hair removal, hair must be targeted for treatment while it’s in the growth cycle and this varies from area to area.  The growth of hair also varies between individuals.  But once it’s treated, hair re-growth occurs much more slowly than it does with waxing, requiring touchups every 6 months to a year, to address every follicle.

There’s none of the shocking “ouch” factor with laser hair removal associated with waxing, but it’s true that you’ll need to find a licensed professional in your area to perform it.

The Truth About Cost

Many claim that it’s much less expensive to wax.  But let’s talk about lifetime costs for removal.  The truth is that waxing needs to be done more frequently.  If you’re visiting a professional, those costs can add up.

And while laser hair removal is more expensive in the short term, it’s the better long-term solution, as you’ll save money over a lifetime of hair removal.

Both techniques of hair removal have their pros and cons, but in our estimation, laser hair removal goes further to maintain the treated area hair free.  Treatments are less frequent and ultimately, they cost less.

What’s more, with advances in laser hair technology, treatments are safer than they’ve ever been before.  Lasers are now calibrated to treat specific hair/skin pigmentations effectively and without discoloration.

If you’re thinking about trying laser hair removal, we invite you to schedule a consultation.  At [primary_practice], we’re aesthetics professionals working side by side with a primary care physician and anti-aging physician to offer guests full-spectrum care.