Advanced Feminine Health with Votiva Radio-Frequency

Most women aren’t eager to discuss issues of feminine health.  It’s a sensitive, personal thing and often, women suffer in silence rather than talking to someone about getting help.

The human body is a complex machine and an efficient one.  But like all intricate machinery, it can break down.  This is even more intensely true when the body in question is a woman’s body.

There are so many things that can happen to a woman’s body.  Menstruation and pregnancy are just two of them and while entirely natural, they represent some of the most complex processes the human body is capable of.

This post is about advanced feminine health with Votiva radio-frequency, what it can help women with and how it works.

No Surgery

In the past, women who have encountered issues with muscle laxity in the vaginal canal, or hypertrophy of the labia have turned to surgery.  But with Votiva radio-frequency, that’s no longer necessary.

Safe and comfortable, Votiva eliminates the necessity to turn to the uncertainty of surgery.  Able to help with both internal and external feminine health issues, Votiva supports vaginal health as the body ages and loses elastin, collagen and estrogen.

Following a natural childbirth, many woman are discovering Votiva as a means of restoring elasticity to the birth canal and a happier sexuality.

FormaV and FractoraV

FormaV provides tissue rejuvenation for both external and internal areas, while FractoraV works by applying radio-frequency contraction to external issue.

Following a detailed consultation with your medical cosmetic practitioner, a plan will be arrived at for the application of Votiva to address your individual concerns.

Will It Be Uncomfortable?

Working with a trained, licensed practitioner, most guests experience no discomfort with Votiva.  Of course, this is dependent on the intensity of the treatment.  With elevated intensity, there may be minor discomfort during therapy and right afterwards.


At [primary_practice], many of our guests enjoy immediate results.  But with time and additional treatments, they’ve even more dramatic.

Votiva therapy is generally recommended as a series of 3 treatments.

Votiva represents a quantum leap in feminine health, replacing the need for painful surgery.  Tightening the vaginal canal and addressing hypertrophy and wrinkling in the labia, Votiva also supports women experiencing bladder leakage following childbirth and the painful intercourse often associated with menopause.

Votiva is empowering women everywhere to take their intimate health concerns into their own hands without resorting to costly, painful surgery that demands downtime.  With this revolutionary new therapeutic tool, women are turning the page in the realm of feminine health.

[primary_practice] – Proud to Offer Votiva

At [primary_practice], we’re proud to offer Votiva radio-freqency to our guests.  If you think Votiva might be for you, we invite you to schedule a confidential consultation to talk about your concerns and how Votiva might support you in addressing them.

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