5 tips for healthy skin this summer 2017

Summer is finally here. But with summer come challenges for your skin. The temptation to overindulge in the sun is one of them. But heat can cause breakouts, especially if you’re prone to oily skin. We all want to look our best during this active, outdoorsy season, so being attentive about skin care is a must.

No matter what your skin type, following these 5 tips for healthy skin this summer 2017 can help you glow through the season and beyond.

1. Lip hydration.

Your pout needs extra help over the summer to keep it smooth and soft. Using a high-quality lip balm that keeps lips hydrated is your best defence against the drying effects of the sun. Carry it with you wherever you go to keep your lips looking their pouty best.
There’s nothing prettier than a plump pout!

2. Misting.

You may believe that keeping yourself hydrated from the inside out with generous infusions of water is enough. But summer demands additional vigilance. That’s why carrying a misting atomizer with you is proactive summer skin care policy.

Spritz your face regularly to protect and nourish your face and keep you cool, at the same time. But remember to drink as much water as possible. Your skin will thank you!

3. Shade yourself.

Hats are back as a must have summer fashion accessory. While you’re out there in your oversized shades and elegant, wide-brimmed hat, you’re also protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.
Add a sunscreen of 30 SPF to ensure that your skin is fully protected. Smart summer skin care never looked so fabulous.

4. An overall glow.

Good skin care starts in the bath or shower, with an exfoliating regime to keep your skin soft and glowing with cared-for health. Sisal mitts are a great way to achieve optimal exfoliation and prepare your skin for a nurturing veil of moisturizing body lotion.

Gentle exfoliation for your face with a good quality facial scrub serves the same purpose. Dead skin cells and excess oil are removed, preparing your skin for moisturizer. Using one with a built in SPF ensures that your glowing skin is well-protected.

5. Melon magic.

Cantaloupe and watermelon are two delicious summer fruits that can really support the health of your skin, this summer. Rich in key antioxidants, cantaloupe provides your skin with hydration and imparts radiance.

A summer favorite, watermelon’s sweet rush of hydrating goodness also packs a sun protection factor punch, upping the SPF ante impressively. Both fruits, by the way, contain nutrients that do your skin and body even more good.

These 5 tips for healthy skin this summer 2017 are just the beginning of getting your skin to “radiant”. The medical aesthetics professionals at [primary_practice] offer you an integrated approach to skin care, with leading edge technology that brings the summer glow.

Every guest at our medical spa is a VIP. We pamper you with advanced summer skin solutions that take your beauty to the next level. Contact us for an appointment.