5 Things You Should Know About Facial Fillers

Since their introduction to the market, the popularity of facial fillers in the field of aesthetics has increased exponentially.

And there’s good reason for that.  These treatments are fast, effective and require little, if any, downtime.  They’re also more cost effective than surgical alternatives, which makes them a great option, all around.

They provide a fast-acting solution to the problem of the volume we lose in our faces, as time takes its toll.  But before you pursue the option, here are 5 things you should know about facial fillers.

1. Cost-effective.

Facial fillers are growing in popularity because they’re aesthetically effective, but they’re effective in terms of investment, too.  Invasive surgery doesn’t just mean hiding from the world, while you heal.  It means greater expense and anesthesia – one of surgery’s greatest risk factors.

For less money, you can achieve similar (and arguably, more natural) results with facial fillers.  No downtown.  No general anesthesia.

2. Duration.

Depending on the filler you’re opting for, results can last for years.  That’s a major benefit.  Some types of fillers even work with your body’s own healing powers, inducing it to produce more volume-enhancing collagen.  Because natural collagen production decreases over time, the advances made in fillers are now capable of answering the challenge that reality presents.

3. Variety.

As facial fillers have become more popular, research has kept pace with market demand, meaning these agents now answer specific needs, depending upon formulation.

Your medical aesthetician will know which filler is best suited to your goals, but fillers today draw on the chemistry of the natural world, using naturally-occurring substances like hyaluronic acid.  Not every filler is adapted to your needs, so always check on every option’s suitability with your aesthetician.

4. Results.

Choosing an aesthetician who’s skilled, sensitive to your needs and experienced in the application of facial fillers is key to the quality of results you’ll see.  It’s important that whoever you consult with is clear about the different capabilities of products on offer, which part of the face they’re best suited to and the ability of the facial filler in question to address your needs and meet your expectations for results.

5. Instant gratification?

As we’ve strived to convey in this post, the various facial fillers available have distinct properties.  Some may work almost instantly.  Others take several weeks to demonstrate their efficacy.

Facial fillers, generally, demand little from the patient.  Time away from work is usually almost non-existent, but because everyone’s different, some recipients report one or two days to allow the minimal bruising which may occur to subside.  Others return to their normal, daily activities within a matter of hours.

These 5 things you should know about facial fillers are just the beginning of finding the appropriate type of filler.  At [primary_practice], we’re aesthetics professionals who have your best look in mind.

If you’ve been considering facial fillers and how they can help you reach your beauty goals, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’ll guide you to the therapy that’s right for you!