5 Genius Tips for Glowing Skin

With summer in the rearview mirror and autumn kicking off, you know winter is coming.  That means it’s time to be extra kind to your skin, with these 8 genius tips for glowing skin.

We’ve done the legwork and talked to some people we know who have genuinely extraordinary skin, asking them “How do you do it?”.  Following are some of their downright genius tips.

1. Take It Off

Leanne is a personal trainer in the neighborhood.  Her advice is to “take it off” (meaning your makeup).  Not removing your makeup at night leaves your skin covered with the stuff of the city – car exhaust, free radicals, ambient dirt – you name it.  When you don’t remove your makeup, it becomes a medium for materials which are corrosive to your skin.

2. Water Yourself

Like a flower, you need to be watered.  Drinking at least 8 large glasses of water every day is the best thing you can do for the condition and clarity of your skin.  Peter is a local lawyer who keeps himself looking ready for action by following this rule.  But he knows it’s not just for vanity’s sake.  Good hydration keeps your internal organs and skeletal system healthy, too.

3. Simple Is Beautiful

Carol delivers our mail and it’s not walking her daily postal route that keeps her skin glowing.  It’s keeping her skin care routine simple.  She uses gentle, natural products which remove dirt but don’t strip her skin of oil.  A couple of times a month, she makes a mask of mashed avocado and olive oil and leaves it on her face, while she’s answering email and cuddling her cat.  We’re not sure but we think the cat idea may have merit!

4. Sleep Like a Cat

Back to cats – you may not need the 16 hours our feline friends get every day but sleeping like a cat is amazing for your skin.  Something Carol has noticed about cats is that they’re happiest sleeping in places which offer comfort and a sense of security (which is why they like boxes so much).  That’s why she’s made her bed a haven of lavish comfort, by investing in a feather bed topper.  Just before bed, she dims the lights, checks that the doors are locked and takes a bath.  Because Carol sleeps like a cat, she enjoys a purrfect sleep every night.

5. At Peace with the Sun

We all love the feeling of the sun.  Warming in the fall and winter, we gravitate to it.  And that’s just fine, so long as you’re wearing a 30 SPF moisturizer or sunscreen.  Brian’s a window washer, so he’s outdoors a lot.  He’s made his peace with the sun by protecting his skin from the potential for sun damage.  There’s nothing like having your cake and eating it too for glowing skin.


Oh yes.  Winter is coming.  Even diligent skincare enthusiasts need a little help in the cold weather.  Contact [primary_practice].  Let the Gold Circle of Care be your skin’s BFF.

Here’s to glowing skin!