3 Benefits of Dermaplaning

Some people seem to have glowingly translucent skin.  Maybe they’re just adept at the art of applying makeup.  Or maybe some people just have the right DNA.  Whatever their secret is, you want what they’ve got.

And the solution might be what you’re about to read.

This post is about the 3 benefits of dermaplaning.  Dermaplaning is essentially a facial which employs a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin and downy hair (peach fuzz), from the face.

But don’t freak out!  All the scalpel does is gently scrape your skin at a 45-degree angle.  There’s no penetration by the scalpel or any danger of penetration.  Let’s find out more about the 3 benefits of dermaplaning.

1. Removes Excess Hair

Because dermaplaning uses a surgical grade blade, it’s possible for the technician to remove the fine hair that covers our faces.

That hair can trap oil and dirt, making cleansing difficult.  When the hair’s gone, there’s nowhere for oil and dirt to hide, making your skin easier to cleanse, smoother and less prone to outbreaks of acne and blackheads.

2. Exfoliation

Again, the secret of dermaplaning is in the blade.  Without the use of chemicals, this non-abrasive technique is gentle to skin and perfect for those who may be sensitive to many other products which employ the use of chemicals and exfoliating agents.

Your skin is left soft to the touch and smooth, making it a dream to apply makeup and rendering your skin primed to absorb cosmetics like toners, creams and serums.

3. Fresher Skin, Painlessly

All cosmetic therapies seek to make you look better.  Dermaplaning does that by removing tired skin cells and excess hair.  Once those old skin cells are gone, you skin looks fresher and more youthful.  Because the hair has been removed, skin is smoother and less prone to trapped dirt and oil which can cause outbreaks.

The top layer of skin is where the world really gets to you and when you can simply dermaplane it off, you get a more vibrant look painlessly and with no downtime.

Without injections, tweezing or plucking, your face becomes as smooth as satin.  Dermaplaning is a completely non-invasive say to get the flawless look you desire, without having to commit to anything too drastic.

It’s basically the ultimate facial for the meek of heart and the sensitive of skin.  You won’t believe the results!

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