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Body Services


Having trouble getting rid of those last few extra inches? SculpSure is the perfect option for eliminating stubborn pockets of fat, and it is PERMANENT. If you want a slimmer figure without having to undergo surgery, SculpSure non-invasive laser body contouring is the right choice for you.

Vaginal PRP

Have you been experiencing a lack of sexual desire and satisfaction? Or maybe you lack interest because of vaginal dryness or urinary incontinence? These issues can be difficult to deal with. Fortunately, you can address these issues with vaginal PRP treatment, a unique and effective procedure that utilizes the amazing benefits of platelet-rich plasma.

Penile Restoration with PRP

Men young and old can struggle with erectile dysfunction. The inability to become erect and maintain an erection can be frustrating and embarrassing. Penile-restoration treatments using PRP increase both the girth and the blood flow of your penis so that you can have more excitement and pleasure when engaging in sex.

Hair Restoration with PRP

Losing your hair can be a difficult thing to go through. Hair loss affects both men and women equally. Fortunately, hair loss does not have to be something you begrudgingly accept. PRP hair treatments offer a way to stimulate new hair growth and provide existing hair with greater volume so your hair remains strong and healthy.


Votiva is an all-in-one package when it comes to women’s health. It uses radio-frequency energy to gently treat vaginal tissues. Votiva helps to improve blood circulation in the targeted area, reduce muscle pain, induce muscle relaxation, and tighten vaginal tissues. Votiva is safe and highly effective.